Meads and Cysers and Ciders! Oh, my!

So, it’s been a year now since I started making my own fermented meads (fermented honey), cysers (fruit juices plus honey) and ciders (just the fruit juice).  They start off exposed to the air, and whatever yeasts happen to be in the air and find their way to the liquid start the fermenting process.  When they start out, everything has lots of color.  These four are a sweet raspberry cyser, a cherry stomp cyser, a pomegranate cyser, and an Ethiopian T’ej (a mead variation).  Look at the colors!  These are all about a month into the process, and you can see how much sediment they’ve already produced.

A year's worth of fermentation... clear at last!

A year

Eventually, they get “racked”, which basically means separating out the sediment.  And then bottled.  And look at the results… clear!  That surprised me.   But since there are no fruit skins (like in red wine), no color.  The bottle on the left is a cranberry cider.  It started out redder than the raspberry.  So far, we’ve opened two vintages, one mead, and one apple cyser.  The mead was surprisingly sweet and bubbly. a dessert wine.  The cyser, on the other hand, was a dry white.  Fantastic… and unpredictable.  Which is exactly what I like about this process.  To learn more, read WILD FERMENTATION by Sandor Ellix Katz (  And then start bottling for yourself!

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