Healthy Hedonism

If you know me, you’re asking yourself, “Really, is there anything more Russell can say about Myra and the Healthy Hedonist we haven’t heard a thousand times already?”  And the answer is, “Shut up.  No one is talking you.  And your shoes look funny.”

Myra is an inspiration.  Giving and passionate and smart.  Talented beyond belief and an excellent teacher.  My love of teaching comes from watching and working with Myra.  I can proudly place this blog entry about these two cookbooks because I can honestly say I’ve made every recipe at least once, if not multiple times.  Getting to assist Myra as she develops recipes is to get into the head of a genius (it’s like being a culinary Sylar on HEROES).  How else do you learn about “salting to taste”?  Who else would allow you to do a recipe three different ways with subtle variations in order to achieve perfection?  She’s an artist who can talk to the scientist in me when it comes to experiments.  She understands her craft in the way Alton Brown does, and never sacrifices flavor.  Her recipes are impressive without being intimidating (except to your guests, who may never feel comfortable cooking for you in return once they’ve sampled these feasts), and her writing style is concise and intimate at the same time.

Check out her website (  Buy her books.  Reap the benefits and revel in your own creations.  You’ll start to spread your wings and gain confidence from the first recipe.  Take her classes at the numerous cooking schools she graces.

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