Red Clay Dinnerware

OK, happy mistakes happen all the time in a pottery studio.  I was trying to make oval serving dishes, thinking I could take a dart out of a wet thrown lipped plate.  Guess what?  You can’t.  (There are other ways to make an oval serving dish, which I’m now doing and should have results by the new year.)  So having thrown these lipped plates, I decided to just glaze them, and one of the other potters was using four different glazes (thanks, Michael!) for his own pieces, and I didn’t want to have to mix up a new bucket of glaze.  So I just chose three of his glaze choices which seemed to be in a color patette, an did my usual color wheel glazing technique.  The reults?  I LOVE THIS COMBINATION ON RED STONEWARE!  So, yeah, now I may make a new dinnerware set for myself when I get around to it (I’m in vase mode right now), just because I love eating off these plates!

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  1. What about a new set for us? We need one to sell on CL pretty soon.

    Seriously, this is beautiful.

  2. I have been dreaming of “real” clay dinnerware. This is more beautiful than what I had even imagined. You mentioned making a set for yourself. Would you consider making a set to sell?

  3. Chandra, thanks for the kind words! Dinner ware services become cost prohibitive for sale, which is why I relegate them to gifts for friends’ weddings, etc. I would blush to set a price for a dinnerware service for you, and with my current production schedule, it wouldn’t be finished until September at the earliest.

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