Another vase, step by step

Ok, that was fun.  I had a good night at the studio just now.  I threw the pieces last week, and used the extruder the week before.  I like these pieces.  They are about a foot high right now, so should fire to a cute size of about 10 inches tall.  Let’s do this together. 

First I throw the two pieces…

Then we extrude some wacky handles…

Now trim the thrown pieces…

And now assemble.  Voila!

Now, c’mon… when you start with this, you’re just itching to glaze.  My only concern is that the handles may deform.  But if they do, that could be fun.  Or it could give me another part of the process to discover.  That’s what it’s all about.  The process.  I’ll post photos in a few months of the finished work once glazed.  If you have any advice on how you would like to see these pieces glazed, let me know.  I’m open to suggestions.  For the handle placement, I just keep rotating and flipping them around and trying them at different heights.  I think this could get big…

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  1. ooh, fun! i like that!

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