How much is that scorpion in the window?


When the owners of The Stockinette in Jersey City asked me to submit a piece of my knitting for their window display and JCFridays gallery opening, I thought, “Sure, why not?”  They already had a lot of my small stuffed animals and vegetables in order to garner interest in my class on knitting squeaker toys for the holidays next weekend, I didn’t even have to bring them anything.  I figured they would hopefully put my scorpion somewhere well-lit, and that would be all.

Then I showed up for the opening last Friday and Gynine and Iulian stopped me on my way in to see what I thought, if I was okay with what they had done.

What they had done?   They used ALL of my toys, strung them beautifully from the ceiling, all around a Christmas tree.  They looked great, and fun, and inviting, and I was quite touched.  My photos didn’t come out that well, but it is hard photographing through glass in morning light.  Trust me, they made my pieces look better than they are, and the display itself is art.



I feel like this is Highlights For Children (Knitters)… can you spot Mr. Portabello Mushroom, Thermidor the Lobster, The Pear Twins, Swirly Ball and Stripey Ball?   Cuddly Scorpion is there, but too high up to show up in these photos.  He looks great from inside the store.



Even Baby Eggplant made it into the window, albeit nestled in the leaves all around the tree…


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  1. That’s so cool! Congratulations on your new-found fame. The scorpion is great!

  2. That is cool. It would be even cooler if the stuff was, say, in our house, instead of in a window in Jersey City, but we all have our priorities…

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