Year End Fashion Show! Starring MIA!

Ok, well, it was a rough year, and it is just about over, so let’s pause to also remember all the good that has happened this year.  There’s a lot there to celebrate if you look for it, and instead of enumerating them myself in a public forum, shall we just say that you can see everything good when you look into the open loving eyes of a happy child?  And so this year’s New Year’s Baby will be none other than our star baby, MIA! 

Mia, not one to be a diva on any occasion, took the news of her new title very well, and allowed herself to be subjected to a fashion show of some of the knit wear I’ve made her this year.  Not all of it made it onto Ravelry because, well, I made a lot of it up as I went along and didn’t think it necessary to write down basic hat instructions.  If you have any questions as to how I made any of these and they aren’t on my Ravelry page, email me and let me know what I can help with.

Mia, pre-fashion show…


Mia, at play with Lazy Kiwi…


And let’s see how she looks in her hats, shall we?  Here is a fun simple one with a kitchener stitch at the top and three I-cords popping out at the corners, made with some stash yarn I found at my Mom’s last spring.  My Mom got to see this one and the turtle hat below (which Mia’s Mom is modelling).  I’m going to stop there and get back to the happy baby pictures for now.


The turtle hat, knit in Princeton, a few floors away from where I myself came into this world 38 years ago.  This will fit Mia when she’s older, but for now makes a perfect hand puppet, or a distraction when worn by mommy…


I do like a fun hat, and baby’s don’t know enough to be self-conscious about how silly you make them look (as I know having seen the photos of how I was dressed as a wee one).  Here’s the now-famous dread-lock hat.  I just put I-cords EVERYWHERE.   Sorry about how dim this one is, but we try not to use the flash around Mia (well, her parents try not to, and I obey).


A bit blurry, but this 9 month old bundle of love cannot sit still!


And how about the same yarn (two baby weights knit as one for a cloud-like effect) knit on election day free-hand into the pattern on Ravelry, the now-popular (well, at least one other knitter has made it that I know of!) Ruffled Baby Hat…


OK, and then there’s the Baby Shrug, or, as we call it, The Liza!  I took the instructions on Lion Brand and changed it greatly, mostly by incorporating suede, but primarily to bring out the red in Miss Mia’s hair.  I may make another in purple because it is SOOOOO cute to watch her strutting around in her furry shrug…  Many pictures here, with the dreadlock hat on (the perfect winter ensemble, no?).





Then we got ready for a walk in the beautiful winter day, Mia in another free-form cap made to order (it has a peak, ear flaps, ties, and a neck warmer which can be turned around as a visor when necessary).  




The ensemble was complete when Mom wrapped herself and Mia up in a scarf I had made last year.  We had many, many admirers along the streets of Bay Ridge.  They know their fashion divas in Brooklyn, yes they do!


But happy, happy thoughts for the new year, filled with lovely babies and good things to share.  Let’s let Mia have the last word, shall we?


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  1. Cute knitwear, and even cuter Mia…and who is the Mom? Rrrrrrr!! 🙂

  2. Love the hats, the shawl, the diva Mia! Lucky little girl to have you in her life too:)

  3. I LOVE these photos. I must tell you, I get SO many compliments on that hat…can’t wait to see what people say about the shrug!

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