Steve and Marla: Don’t look! SPOILERS AHEAD!

My cousins Steve and Marla are expecting twins, due this spring.  Identical boys, Zack and Theo.  Or is it Theo and Zack?  I can never tell those two apart in the ultrasounds.  What’s an excited relative on the wrong coast to be of any real help supposed to do?  KNIT, of course!  And now, if I can just wrap these up and send them out, I should be in time for the baby shower in February… if only my Valentine’s Day cards were similarly on schedule.

Made from the finest hand-painted Uruguayan wool, I made these matching baby kimonos.  From a pattern?  Well, sort of.  When have I ever met a pattern I didn’t think I could tweak?  Longer ties, belt loops, smaller eyelet patterning in the increases by using kfbs and pfbs instead of yarn overs; and the TechKnitting secret of doing an extra kfb just prior to binding off the neck, separating it nicely from the shoulder.  These came out great.  David, coincidentally, has a cousin also having a baby boy this spring, so I broke out the Wool Ease yarn and made another one while I still had it ingrained in my muscle memory using a store-brand, regular thickness yarn (not that I’m playing favorites or anything, but, well, sure, I am.  Zack and Theo get the good stuff.  There, I said it.).  After three in a row, I could keep churning these out in my sleep.







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  1. Awwww! Cute!

  2. These are amazing! Soooo special!

  3. Favorites, perhaps, but then again, grey is the new black!

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