It’s the engineer in me…

So, when I was getting my engineering degree, a teacher illustrated the process of being an engineer (as opposed to a scientist) as the ability to think logically for the first few steps of a project, and then taking a leap three steps forward without having to show the intervening steps.  You build the confidence in your theory or calculations early on and then just take them to the next level without having to show all calculations.  I think that’s what I’m doing with my pottery all of a sudden.

You saw me start working last year on composite vases as a way of getting the body shape I wanted with the height I required, something I didn’t want to do in a single pull of clay.  Then I started working with the clay extruder to make my own handles.  Then I started trying to think creatively about the handles and move beyond the traditional.  My new concept is to work either symmetrically or asymmetrically about the negative space created by the neck of a piece and how to employ the handles. 

Look what this hath wrought…  all still in the initial setting up phase prior to the bisque firing, so they may not survive, but the fact that the cantilevering made it through the week is encouraging. 



What?  Let’s see that from the other side, shall we?


These take a lot of work and care along the way.  But I hope they are worth it.  Here are some action shots (can you see Patrick Swayze just behind me?  And can you sense that I’m telling him to get the heck away from me before he knocks my arm and I have to go all exorcist on him if he ruins this piece?)



Are these the first photos of me on this blog?  I think they may well be.  Maybe I should look up.  (I hide behind my pottery?  I live in it.  You will be in this pottery.  I cannot divide my feelings up as easily as you… or maybe I just need sleep.)  Smile for the camera.  Then get back to work.  These vases don’t just make themselves, you know.


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  1. Wow! It’s gorgeous!

  2. that’s some mad crazy potterying there, learson!

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