Meet Oliver Platypus!

Since Steph guessed correctly, here are the photos.  Another creature from the Australian wildlife book of patterns from Cleckheaton.  Oliver measures 18″ from bill to tail (the bill hides a squeaker, naturally), 5″ tall, and 8″ from webbed toe to glorious webbed toe.  I placed him atop a soup container to give better swimming poses 🙂




Let’s look at the close-up of the webbed foot again, shall we?


Now, Oliver is a bit larger than my usual projects, so it may be awhile before I knit his mate, Sylvia Platypus (thank you, Jim!).  I’m sure I will in time, but for the next project, I’m looking towards a smaller, more intricate companion…  but not right now.  Knitting with US3 needles takes an awfully long time, and those increases and decreases were causing calluses!

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  1. That is so freakishly cute.
    I am jet-lagged and must sleep.
    But shall talk platypus tomorrow!

  2. I am dying to make the wombat from this pattern book. I don’t suppose you’d be willing to sell your copy?

    • Oh, I’m afraid not… so many of these patterns are priceless keepers. I found my copy fairly easily on eBay awhile back. I just set up a permanent search and eventually a copy came my way. It’s worth the wait, so happy hunting!

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