More amigurumi… the garlic!

Amigurumi, again from Hansi Singh’s book.  Incredibly life-like, and actual size.  A one-night project, and a fun one at that.  And it taught me some more new techniques.


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  1. but…does it squeak?

  2. No, no squeaker in this one. Hansi’s patterns don’t take kindly to squeakers. The shaping is key, and the pieces are smaller than you might expect as you’re knitting them (at least they are for me) and a plastic squeaker couldn’t be properly buried.

  3. Do you realize the last post you managed was June 18? I’m ashamed of a fine strapping you boy like you, so full of industry and ambition, letting this project slide so. For shame. G

    • Hey, Mr. Smarty Pants, I’ll have you know I have all the photos taken, and I’m taking more tonight of the hat and eggplant, with Mia as a model for them. David had the computer embargoed for a work project. I’m contrite, and I have plans… Thanks for checking in.

  4. PS DId I ever tell you where I hide my squeaker?

    • I can only imagine, no.

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