The annual winter hat…

…I know the site has gone moribund for too, too long.  But I haven’t knit anything in about five months, I’ve been production-potter in the studio (just making things with an eye toward sale), and the house, well, if you follow the saga, you know there have been ups-and-downs in the basement.

But before I disappeared, there was some great knitting, so let’s post a photo, shall we?

This year’s winter hat for Mia, done freehand.  The pompoms were a particular favorite of mine…

And it looked fantastic on…

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More amigurumi… the garlic!

Amigurumi, again from Hansi Singh’s book.  Incredibly life-like, and actual size.  A one-night project, and a fun one at that.  And it taught me some more new techniques.


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Smucker the Jellyfish


From Hansi Singh’s amazing new book of amigurumi knitting, meet Smucker the Jellyfish.  I lot of new techniques for me, all brilliantly explained by Hansi.  I’m in awe of her talent, and can’t wait to work my way through her patterns.


Not for infants, this one (sorry, Mia.  Maybe Ben will let you play with it when you’re older.  And, no, this isn’t a set-up.  Sheesh… so suspicious, you parents of remarkably cool children who should only be so lucky as to meet each other and fall in love when they’re of age…).  Well, I suppose I’ll just have to keep making them as my beach-loving infants mature.

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Meet Oliver Platypus!

Since Steph guessed correctly, here are the photos.  Another creature from the Australian wildlife book of patterns from Cleckheaton.  Oliver measures 18″ from bill to tail (the bill hides a squeaker, naturally), 5″ tall, and 8″ from webbed toe to glorious webbed toe.  I placed him atop a soup container to give better swimming poses 🙂




Let’s look at the close-up of the webbed foot again, shall we?


Now, Oliver is a bit larger than my usual projects, so it may be awhile before I knit his mate, Sylvia Platypus (thank you, Jim!).  I’m sure I will in time, but for the next project, I’m looking towards a smaller, more intricate companion…  but not right now.  Knitting with US3 needles takes an awfully long time, and those increases and decreases were causing calluses!

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Knitting teaser…

Ok, this is just a teaser shot… another completed stuffed creature, but unless Steph promises she won’t peek, this is all you’re getting.  I have to give some enticement for her to return from the glories of Switzerland, don’t I?  If you can’t wait, and you have access to Ravelry, you can see the complete details there…


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Possum’s new owner…

Ok, not something I knit, exactly, but can I be the only person NOT allowed to post picture’s of Mia?  No.  So here she is, excited to receive the possum (probably not pictured)…




Wait, I think I see the kiwi somewhere in this photo.  That justifies the post, no?  Note to self: knit animals can’t compete with mylar ballooons. picture-010

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Hello, Possum!

From the wonderful, out-of-print Cleckheaton Wildlife in 8 Ply, from Australia, an entire set of patterns for Australian wildlife knit with yarn, comes my new friend, Hello, Possum!



With a squeaker in both his belly and in his face, Hello, Possum is a very vocal new friend, though he can also roll over and play dead…



I look forward to making his friends, the koala, the wombat, the bilby, and the Tasmanian devil… so many friends to knit!

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Some shots of the girls…

I stopped by to visit Steph and Mia to drop off all the stuffed animals I had made her these past few months.  Not many shots of the knitting, but what’s important here is the now ambulatory Mia-zilla!  With her new baby eggplant!



Nap time  over!  Grab your kiwi and look adorable…


And then we’re off for our walk!



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Steve and Marla: Don’t look! SPOILERS AHEAD!

My cousins Steve and Marla are expecting twins, due this spring.  Identical boys, Zack and Theo.  Or is it Theo and Zack?  I can never tell those two apart in the ultrasounds.  What’s an excited relative on the wrong coast to be of any real help supposed to do?  KNIT, of course!  And now, if I can just wrap these up and send them out, I should be in time for the baby shower in February… if only my Valentine’s Day cards were similarly on schedule.

Made from the finest hand-painted Uruguayan wool, I made these matching baby kimonos.  From a pattern?  Well, sort of.  When have I ever met a pattern I didn’t think I could tweak?  Longer ties, belt loops, smaller eyelet patterning in the increases by using kfbs and pfbs instead of yarn overs; and the TechKnitting secret of doing an extra kfb just prior to binding off the neck, separating it nicely from the shoulder.  These came out great.  David, coincidentally, has a cousin also having a baby boy this spring, so I broke out the Wool Ease yarn and made another one while I still had it ingrained in my muscle memory using a store-brand, regular thickness yarn (not that I’m playing favorites or anything, but, well, sure, I am.  Zack and Theo get the good stuff.  There, I said it.).  After three in a row, I could keep churning these out in my sleep.







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Bamboo lace?

Yes, it’s true… this lace scarf is made using a yarn made entirely from bamboo, one of the more renewable resources (it’s an invasive weed according to my horticultural sources).  The yarn has little “pull” to it, so it works well for lace.




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