Ruffled Baby Hat


needles: US 7 dpns (if you have them, start with 5″ and then switch 8″ as needed) , US 9 dpns (8″), US 10 dpns (8″)

worsted weight yarn, or two strands of sport weight used as one for a mottled effect

Starting with the US 7 dpns, cast on 7 stitches; join in the round without twisting stitches, placing a stitch marker.  (yf is a yarn forward which makes an increase and a lace hole with the following knit stitch)

Row 1: *k1 yf* [14 stitches]

Row 2/4/6/8/10/12/14/16: knit all

Row 3: *k2 yf* [21 stitches]

Row 5: *k3 yf* [28 stitches]

Row 7: *k4 yf* [35 stitches]

Row 9: *k5 yf* [42 stitches]

Row 11: *k3 k2tog yf k1 yf* [49 stitches]

Row 13: *k2 k2tog yf k3 yf* [56 stitches]

Row 15: *k1 k2tog yf k5 yf* [63 stitches]

Row 17: *k2tog yf k7 yf* [70 stitches]

continue to knit all stitches in stockinette for 2 inches.

For the next inch make a 5×2 rib by *k5 p2*

Next row (a good time to switch to your longer needles) *kfb* [140 stitches]

Knit all for two more rows.

Switch to the US 9 dpns.  Knit two more rows.

Next row, *kfb k* [210 stitches]

Knit all for two more rows.

Switch to the US 10 dpns. Knit all for two rows.

Next row, *k3 k2tog* [168 stitches].

Bind off.

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  1. Learson! This is VERY CLOSE to what I was going to ask you to make!! How cool is that…

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